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Ditch the Car and Use a Motorbike in the Desert

For the thrill seekers who plan to visit Dubai soon, a desert adventure is one of the best ways to have some fun in Dubai. If you want to make your trip to this beautiful emirate memorable, consider renting a desert vehicle from a reliable bike rental service. Forget the normal cars offered. Why not spruce it up? You can always rent a dune buggy as your ride around the desert while having fun with friends.

Move Through the Desert in Style

Dubai is a major tourist destination for off-road enthusiasts. You too can partake in some of that fun with a buggy. You can get motocross coaching in Dubai if your aim is to ride like a pro. Learn how to manoeuvre the unique desert terrain like a true professional. The desert is beautiful in its own way. Thus, there will be several photo sessions during your trip. Take amazing photos to use as memoirs of your Dubai trip.

Motocross Coaching in Dubai

The advantage of using a buggy is that it is designed for speed. Not only that, but it is also equipped with safety features to ensure you are confident when driving at high speeds. This will be an opportunity for you to raise your adrenaline and get the most out of your adventure as possible. The buggies are kept in excellent condition to allow you to have as much fun as possible. Thus, you do not have to worry about your buggy failing due to poor engine conditions coupled with the extreme desert heat.

Stay Safe in The Desert

It is important for anyone going into the desert to feel safe. That is why you will have to get some accessories during the trip. you will be provided with the necessary safety gear which including a helmet. You will also get a racing shirt and glove to ensure that the fine sand and small rocks do not tear into your skin as you travel through the desert at high speed. There are also protection kits for your knees, chest, elbows, and also for your back. Since the buggy does not have a windshield, we will offer you racing goggles to protect your eyes.

Rent Motorcycle on EnduroBikes

When riding the desert buggy, you will be strapped and shown how to do it yourself as part of the motocross coaching in Dubai. The 5-point racing harnesses will ensure that you don’t shift around as the buggy moves at high speed. In case of the buggy flips, the harness is there to ensure you don’t get hurt. You will also be advised to keep your hands inside the buggy at all times. You should also avoid going around the bends at high speed. If visibility is low, you will have to slow down. However, visibility is not usually much of an issue when in the desert apart from instances where a sand storm hits. If you feel unsure about anything, always ask the guide for assistance. You can always rent a motorcycle if you want to see the desert up-close.