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Do Not Carpool in Dubai – It’s Illegal

Owing to the ever-increasing cost of transportation from Dubai to different locations, people have resorted to carpooling. Carpooling is the practice by which private car owners transport people to and from various places for a fixed monthly fee. Unfortunately, the authorities have come out strongly to declare such a cost-effective mean of transport is illegal. The police insist that only licensed taxis are allowed by the law to carry and transport people. The authority has also issued a warning that those found engaging in the act will need to pay a fine of about AED 3000.



The stringent rules are meant to help those who are licensed to ferry people from unfair competition. Individuals who are caught engaging in carpooling will need to pay up AED 3000 as a fine. In addition to the hefty fine, you can also lose as much as 24 traffic points. In some instances, the offenders could have their vehicles confiscated for up to thirty days.

Current Statistics

Even though the authorities have declared carpooling as illegal, the latest statistics show that more and more people are engaging are taking up carpooling within the country. In Abu Dhabi, the police say that about 2,200 people have been fined over the last year. The police said that the offenders were found transporting low-income earners and blue-collar employees to their places of work. This category of workers chose this method of transport because they cannot afford to pay the fares charged by the taxis.

Why is it Common?

Most of the cars that are used for this purpose are old saloon cars that allow passengers to share the fare and pay only DH 10 to be ferried to the outskirts of the city. Besides, carpooling is quicker since it takes less time for one to reach the desired destination. Although the authority considers it illegal, the practice alleviates the stress associated with driving their own car and helps to reduce traffic congestion. It also reduces the stress associated with using public transport such as buses.

Rent a Car

Options Available

The only way you can safely travel with others is to ensure that the driver has the permit to transport people. If they don’t have one, the move is likely to land you in trouble. But you can avoid all this by opting to hire a car. When you rent a car, it helps you overcome the risks associated with carpooling. Furthermore, renting a car helps you to reach your destination faster and enables you to enjoy privacy while traveling. Also, if you consider the fine you are likely to pay if caught, it becomes cheaper to rent a car than engage in carpooling.