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Five Must-Try Traditional Emirati Desserts

Emirati cuisine is a rich one with a unique taste. It is full of surprises, especially when it comes to desserts. It is not an understatement to say that these kinds of sweets are the most delicious in the world. Yes, they may not be diet-friendly, but having a few now and then, won't hurt your health in any way. The following are some of the most popular five Emirati sweets among the expat community in the country.



Luqaimat is not a dish that is unique to Dubai or the UAE; it is also quite popular in other gulf countries. These are soft puffy dumplings which are crispy on the outside and smooth from the inside. Although they are not as sweet as the other dishes mentioned in this list, adding dates or honey to it can help to make it into a proper dessert. Its combination with icing sugar has become quite popular in the Emirate.


An Emirati pastry that has well-known among food lovers located all over the world, Kunafa is indeed a real treat. The bread is made up of noodle-like dough and then filled with anything from cheese to cream. It is then finished off in a sugar syrup mixed with rose water and topped off with some nuts.


Basobousa, also commonly known as Hareeseh, is another Emirati dessert that is a must-try. This sweet cake is made from semolina or farina batter. It is then sweetened with a syrup which is made from orange flower water or rose water. Coconut has recently become a popular topping to this mouthwatering dessert.

Habba Hamra

The literal translation of the Arabic phrase Habba al Hamra is red seeds. This popular drink is brewed using the red grain seed, sugar, flour, hot water, and some other minor ingredients. Not only does it feel good on the taste buds, but it also has many medicinal qualities since the drink is rich in many vitamins.



Finally, the all famous Baklava. It is a pastry with several layers of fillings. The fillings vary but mostly consist of chopped nuts. These layers are held in place with honey or other sweet syrups. If you haven’t tried Baklava, let me tell you, you are missing on something great.