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Five Things You Should Not Do While Renting a Car

Whether you are a first-timer in renting a car or have done it several times, it is not always easy. Each time comes with its dynamics in terms of pricing, season, and availability of your preferred ride. There are some things you should avoid for you to enjoy your stay in New Orleans. A rental car helps you to enjoy the convenience and flexibility to your destination. However, this freedom can come to a halt if you miss out on this don’ts. Here are things to avoid when renting a car in New Orleans.

Renting a Car

Do Not Ignore the Terms and Conditions

We all agree that the terms and conditions are boring, and we rarely read them. But do not make a mistake when renting a car in New Orleans because you might breach some costly conditions. It is advisable to skim through some crucial parts like charges, terms of insurance, and returning the car to be on the safe side. Apart from reading, it would help if you also understood each point and the repercussions of a breach.

Don’t Throw Away the Receipts

You should keep your fuel, insurance, and payment receipt safely. The receipts act as proof of payment in case of any dispute. You should also keep your insurance documents intact in case you need to make any claim. If you are traveling from another country to New Orleans, you should know whether your car rental insurance is valid in a foreign country. Fuel receipts come in handy when settling the fuel policy.

Don’t Rush the Inspection

After a daunting process of hunting for a cheap car rental in New Orleans, the temptation is high to drive off and enjoy the ride. You should avoid taking the inspection in a rush. Ensure that you have checked the car for any dents or anomalies which may attract charges or compromise your holiday. It would be best if you took pictures of any scratches before and after your rental period. You should also report any damages and ensure they record it in the agreement.

Don’t Return the Car Late

You will not understand the cost of returning a rental car late by an hour, only to be told you have to pay for the whole day. Although most car rental companies in New Orleans offer a considerable grace period, you don’t expect it to be an entire day. It would help if you did proper time calculations to be within the allocated time. Always be within, if not ahead of your schedule.

Extra Insurance for Car

Don’t Buy Extra Insurance

You will find that your credit card may cover something that is probably not included in the insurance policy. Most car rental companies will compel you to purchase their insurance. Do not just buy without understanding the scope of your card and insurance coverage. Some credit cards may deem their car rental insurance cover, in case you purchase another policy. In such a case, the cover will work against you.