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How Generators Work

Depending on the type and configuration, a generator is a device that converts one form of energy into electrical energy.

Even though we regularly associate generators only with the machines we use at home, or the large ones that are used by industries to generate electricity, the devices are in fact much more multipurpose.

For example, all of the electrical components in a car, such as the lights and the radio in fact make use of power that has been produced by a generator.

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Electricity Deficits And Power Loss

While often thought to be a common problem only in less developed countries, electricity shortages or power failure can occur almost anywhere.

Without the use of efficient and in fact regular maintenance practices, and the up gradation of key components that form part of the national and local grids, power is bound to be lost overtime and over distances.

This is because of a phenomenon called line or transmission losses.

Because of the tendency for wires and grids to lose power as they age and become less conductive, efficiency continues to fall, thereby leading in larger and large disparities between the amount that is generated, and the level that reaches your doorstep.

Knowing Your Needs

The first step to buying a generator is not finding more information about the different types and models, but in fact, your power needs and the appliances that are crucial to your daily life.

This process means having an idea of which electronic devices are highest in terms of need and priority, the wattage for each of them, and which ones will have to be used at the same time.

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Household Generator Types

Generators for sale in Dubai, especially for use in the home, include portable and standby models.

Portable generators are relatively much easier to manage, and are units that are often very small in size, therefore they can be transported anywhere easily.

Extensions are attached to the generator, and appliances are the plugged into those cords.

Although the devices are easy to maintain and cheaper to buy, the generator will have to be carried around a lot to be able to host the cords.

Most of them have a small number of power outlets, thereby limiting the number of devices that can benefit from them.

Standby generators are much larger than portable ones, and the most basic property that sets them apart is, you will not have to turn them on, they will activate automatically when the lights go out.

This is a better choice of power outages are very common in your area, and if when this happens, you need a large amount of power for several appliances across the house.

Of course when used to power heavy duty appliances such as irons and air conditioners, the generator will run out of fuel much more quickly. The higher level of utility obviously carries with itself a larger price tag.