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How to Avoid Sea Sickness During Your Upcoming Yacht Cruise

Yachting in Dubai can be an enjoyable experience, but it pays to be aware of some of the side effects that have the potential of ruining your overall experience. Experienced yacht revellers can attest to the fact that seasickness is one of such side effects. Seasickness comes about as a result of the changes in a person equilibrium and sense of balance. Though there is some medical remedy for sea sickness, you could also try using the various techniques available to avoid such feelings. Here are four proven techniques that you cause to make your yacht experience a more enjoyable one.

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Focus on the Horizon

Seasickness comes as a result of the different body senses occur at different times and send mixed signals to the brain. For you to avoid this, the best thing you can do is try and find something steady and straight to focus. Moreover, the horizon would be ideal.

Practice Some Ancient Acupuncture

You could also put some pressure on the inner wrist(‘P6’). The ‘P6’ region has been proven to have an effect of easing nausea. You do not have to do this by yourself. You can get a pressurized Sea-Band, this is a wristband specially designed to put pressure on the inner wrist and would help you avoid becoming seasick.

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Try an Adhesive Patch

Some medications have been primarily used to help reduce seasickness. One of such is Scopolamine which is administered through an adhesive patch. The medicine releases to the skin, and it works well in preventing seasickness. You also place a small patch at the back of your ears, and this works well in preventing the effects of motion sickness.

Take Some Medications

When all the chips are down, and you are not able to deal with your condition, the next best thing would be to opt for medication. There is an abundance of drugs available to help avoid sea sickness the most common ones being Bonine and Dramamine. However, make sure you know of the side effects before you decide to use them on your yacht cruise. You can research on Dubai yacht rental prices. If you find a deal that is good for you, do not hesitate to hop on it.