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How to Choose a Government Relations Firm to Meet Your Needs

When you own a business, you must familiarize yourself with the politics of the country in which you operate. This will help you tackle policies introduced by that country’s government which negatively impact your operations. Navigating the politics of any country can be tricky. It becomes all the more challenging when you’re operating in a country like Saudi Arabia.

With so much of the country’s politics influenced by it's Royal Family, Saudi Arabian businesses must hire a government relations team to ensure their voices are heard. Before settling on the one that is right for your business, you should research multiple government relations firms in Saudi Arabia. Here are some handy tips on finding a firm that meets your needs.

Government Relations Firms in Saudi Arabia

Consider the Different Types of Firms

In Saudi Arabia, there are three kinds of government relations firms: large firms, boutique firms, and solo practitioners. Large firms are the most expensive, with some charging upwards of six figures per month. For your money, you’ll get a lobbyist with a direct line to major players in the Saudi government. Boutique firms are smaller and less pricey but can be immensely effective in tackling “less pressing” issues. A solo practitioner is one agent working independently for a small catalogue of clients. They are generally experts in one or two areas, which they focus on exclusively.

Consider the Firm’s Number of Clients

The more clients a firm has, the less time it will be able to dedicate to you. Even a large firm will be limited in the work it can do for your business if it has a long list of clients. The same can be said of boutique firms. Of course, you should pay extra attention to the client list of any solo practitioner you consider hiring. A solo practitioner will be handling your case alone. If they are working with a large number of additional clients, they probably won’t be able to give you the attention you need.

Government Relations Firms in Saudi

Meet with Representatives of Potential Firms

If you are considering hiring a particular government relations firm, be sure to meet with a representative of that firm before deciding. This will give you the opportunity to clearly state and discuss your goals. More importantly, it will allow you to assess how the firm presents itself. If a government relations firm fails to impress you in a meeting, you can’t expect them to get the job done when interacting with major political figures.

Agree on a Price

Budgeting is important for any business, regardless of its size. For that reason, we suggest you get an estimated or exact price from each government relations firm you meet with. A large firm may charge upwards of 100,000 SAR if they have channels too, particularly influential figures. Boutique firms usually charge about half that amount. Even a solo practitioner may charge up to 10,000 SAR if they are left to their own devices, so be sure to make your budget clear from the outset.