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How to Get A Discount on Gym Membership?

If you are seeking to trim your waistline and not your wallet, personal training gyms may seem overpriced. It takes a lot to fulfill the daily demands of clients. The cost of rent, equipment, expert personal trainers, and maintenance are enormous. The truth of this does not, however, make it okay to break your bank because you want to get fit. You could decide to build your home gym, but that does not come cheap either. There is motivation in working out with other people. The question now remains: How do you get a price slash and fulfill your fitness goals. Here are some tricks:

Join as A Group

Get A Free Trial

Most personal training gyms offer free trials to new members. They frequently occur at the beginning of the year. A free trial could be two weeks long or more, depending on the gym. Doing this, you could try out a few gyms, see what they offer, and make a decision that suits your budget. The best part about this is how you will start your fitness journey at zero cost!

Join as A Group

Gyms are more inclined to give discounts when it is a group registering than just an individual. You could ask your human resource manager or travel guide if they have deals with some gyms. If they do not, you could organize a group with your buddies, and ask for a discount.


You can always go around ground rules. All you need is excellent negotiation skills. Rather than speaking to a sales rep of the gym, talk directly to management. Make a few smart offers of your own. Request to use the gym only on non-peak days. If you think the bonuses on membership are not going to be useful, ask for the price of membership without them. Fitness experts claim that this trick works.

Register at The End of The Month

Register at The End of The Month

Like regular businesses, personal training gyms have revenue quotas. Due to this, they tend to offer special discounts at the end of the month to meet up. Also, take advantage of January offers. They tend to be more price friendly.

Ask About Discounts

Most gymnastic in dubai have offered to cater to members of the community. If you are a student, a teacher, a tourist, or you just responded to an ad, you have better chances of getting a discount.