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How to Keep Your Kids Entertained During a Road Trip

Although children get excited about the prospect of a road trip, they are most likely to fall asleep depending on their age. The problem occurs when they are awake, no longer tired and in desperate need of some visual stimulation. You might enjoy the beautiful scenery around you, yet you have to stop and think about the fact that children aren’t tall enough to see everything you can. They do not necessarily appreciate the view as much as they would enjoy the entertainment of some kind. Cartoons and sing-along songs are more up their alleys than sightseeing.

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The Rolls Royce

This magnificent beast of a car not only has keyless entry, but it also has the Push Start and Stops button. For the safety of your children, the Rolls Royce has Child Safety Lock and Power Door Lock which is a vital feature. The 12V power outlets is a handy function to charge smartphones and other devices needed to pass time. Children can also be entertained by the music system fully equipped with Bluetooth, USB support, a CD/DVD player and internal memory. If all else fails, the Rolls Royce has a radio to listen to traffic reports and music. Check out your options in Rolls Royce rental in Dubai at https://mkrentacar.com/.

The Bentley

This beautiful car with its stylish interior may not seem child-friendly at first, but we cannot forget that it is built with safety and style in mind. Considering a Bentley rental in Dubai is a good idea since it is also equipped with a child safety lock and a power door lock function, along with added safety features like night vision and a rear camera. Its rear entertainment system consists of two ‘flat screens’ with speakers. This sound system has an infotainment system with the following features: Navigation, 60 GB HDD, Voice Control with Text-to-Speech, CD, SD Cards, MP3 and AMI. This system will be sure to keep your kids entertained throughout your trip.

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The Old-Fashioned Way

Kids can be entertained with more than just videos on smartphones. It is merely the favoured version because it does not require a lot of effort from their parents. When planning a road trip, have your children pack a treasure chest to open on the road. Wherever you are driving, make it a competition to see who can spot the most cars or animals or even joggers.

The ultimate favourite is to count the amount of a specific type of car (keeping in mind that not all children can identify different types of cars). As a parent, you can teach your children a thing or two about their surroundings by planning educational pit-stops with little fun facts that they might find interesting.