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Longevity of Shock Absorbers and When to Replace It

You might have heard of a shock absorber as a set of hydraulic devices which controls the impact of any friction encountered by your vehicle. An automobile with highly efficient shock absorbers will minimize the effect of rough terrain or bumps, ensuring that the tyres are always in contact with the ground. You may be giving your car for washing or regular servicing. For more reliable and smooth driving experience, one needs to know how long they can last, along with better maintenance tips. Not every vehicle is the same. Similarly, a number of factors, starting from your driving habits, can influence the lifespan of these suspension devices.

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Factors determining its longevity

A lot of things can affect how long your auto shock absorbers last. One of them can be as simple as driving habits. How often do you go for long car drives? The kind of vehicle and the terrain you drive on also matters. If you are routinely driving through bumpy roads with potholes, the shock absorbers may run out sooner than you think. A vehicle designed for rough terrain will also have more durable shock absorbers than other smaller automobiles.
While these are a few of the aspects, how often you check your shock absorbers can also do wonders. It is recommended that you check it once every six months in the first year, after which you can make it an annual service. A routine check will reduce the risks of damage or extensive repair costs.

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When to replace your car’s shock absorber

You can almost always understand the efficiency of your vehicle’s shock absorption system by simply feeling its suspension as you drive. While regular checks are mandatory, they need to be replaced in case of too much oil leaks from the system.

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