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Why Acne is Not a Teenage Problem Anymore

Acne On Teenager

You probably have at some point in your teenage years suffered from a breakout of acne. Unfortunately for some, acne persists even when moving into adulthood. Although acne is a naturally occurring phenomenon, breakouts for adults may be a gateway to other skin conditions. Over the years, over the counter acne products have been sold with a guarantee of acne prevention. You might have come across products that are still in the market, in spite of producing zero results. In fact, some products tend to do more harm than good. Therefore, before applying any such product, especially in Dubai, consult a professional dermatologist beforehand to protect your skin from any further damage.

What exactly is Acne?

Your skin produces sebum, a form of protective substance, which is a deterrent to microbes. If your skin excessively generates sebum, it can get mixed with dead skin cells and remain trapped in your pores, leading to swelling and breakout on the surface. These symptoms usually improve with time, but there may be other causes which would contribute to a breakout later in life. Some of these include menopause, excessively oily skin, and poor skincare habits. For people residing in hot regions like Dubai, dehydration, and excessive use of skin products could be one of the culprits.

Skin to Remain Well Maintained and Fresh

How to Keep Acne at Bay?

A key factor to bear in mind is the fact that as you age, so does everything else, including your skin. It means that you have to make additional efforts, for your skin to remain well maintained and fresh. A good dermatologist will tell you that stress is a powerful trigger for acne in adults. As such, you must minimize stress in your day to day activities. Keeping your skin hydrated and practicing healthy habits, such as quitting smoking or adding healthier options to your diet, promotes more youthful skin. It is also essential to maintain proper hygiene such as regular exfoliation and to remove makeup before going to bed.

Visiting a good dermatologist Dubai is highly recommended to keep your skin looking fresh and clean and keeping acne at bay.