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Why Secondary Citizenship Programs are So Popular among UAE Expats

Secondary citizenship programs have become extremely popular among expats communities like the Pakistanis, Syrians, and Indians to mention a few. Statistics indicate that more than 50% of the expats living in the UAE are applying for dual citizenship. Expats are parting with a lot of money in a bid to bolster their chances. But why would they go through such lengths to attain this? The answer is self-interest. They have discovered that secondary citizenship is beneficial in the long run. The perks of having a second nationality mean that you can enjoy the rights of citizenship from two countries. Here are some of the factors that entice them.

Better Opportunities

The reason why the expats came to the UAE is mostly due to the lack of better opportunities in their home countries. Thus, when they get wind of the advantages that come with being, say, European citizens, they will seize the opportunity. And no one can blame them: the world is slowly becoming one small village. You are bound to encounter people from different nationalities in all parts of the world.

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Some Want to Reunite with Family

There are some people whose relatives were lucky enough to attain citizenship status, but there are some who may have been unlucky for one reason or another. Fast forward to now, they are in the UAE and has heard of an opportunity to get secondary citizenship. They will do all that they can, and some go to extents of selling off their properties back home.

Investment Opportunities

If you know of a country with better tax incentives than your home country, you will want to make use of those benefits. Especially if you are a business professional, most expats from countries with an unfavourable business environment will want to get dual citizenship somewhere else. It is no surprise that quite a number of them are on the lookout for citizenships in countries such as Cyprus and Malta.

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Some Countries Offer a Better Start to Life

It has been reported that more than 30% of the expats in the UAE who apply for secondary citizenship are single. The world is before them to explore. And lest we forget, some of the most successful businessmen and women were expats at one time. Forbes named some six expats in their annual billionaire list. Being a secondary citizen does have its perks, and that is why a second citizenship company Dubai can offer people a seamless route to their desires.