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What Are the Types of Car Batteries in The Market?

The market is replete with different brands and types of cars, as well as different parts for replacement. Because of the different performance needs, engine size, technology, and many other factors, there is no single universal car battery. It is up to you to do your research and determine which car battery is the best match for your car. However, platinum batteries Dubai, have the recommended by most people in the market. This article sheds light on the different types of car batteries in Dubai's automotive industry.

Different Types of Car Batteries

Batteries That Use Lead and Acid

These are the most commonly used ones. They hold a good amount of charge and can last for a long period of time. These batteries are fully charged once you turn on the ignition. They are suitable for most types of cars that run today and are highly durable. 

Deep Cycle Batteries

These are really strong batteries and can be repeatedly recharged over and over again without being damaged, just like a mobile phone’s battery. You can use them in heavy-duty vehicles like big tanks and armored cars, and also recreational vehicles that are used quite often.

Rechargeable Batteries

They are known as VRLA batteries. These are some of the safest ones on the market today because they come completely sealed. This means that they won't leak or release acids and toxic gases, no matter what. While this is a good thing, it also means that they cannot be serviced and, therefore, will need to be replaced if anything goes wrong. 

Flooded Batteries

These are also known as wet cell batteries. As the name implies, they contain a liquid component which is usually a solution of less and sulfuric acid. They are cheaper than most batteries but require regular maintenance, as they quickly use up electrolytes. This type of battery is suitable for standard cars with basic electrical needs. 

Flooded Batteries

Li-Ion Batteries

With the constant developments and upgrades in automobiles, there's also been an improvement in car battery technology to ensure optimal performance. Li-ion batteries, also known as lithium-ion batteries, are the best type of batteries for the latest electric cars and hybrid technologies. Unlike regular batteries, they can store energy for longer periods of time and they weigh way less which makes them more convenient to handle. However, they have a shorter lifespan and need to be replaced after three years.