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Marble Glue in Dubai

Glue building in DubaiWe see buildings all around us, but often forget to admire the makers of the building. They go through so much and even though they get paid, they are not appreciated enough for the amount of effort they put it. Sands Gulf Building material appreciates the hard work being in the field. Our job is to provide you – the makers, high-quality products and services for the buildings you decide to make or maintain! Our products are so many that you always have a variety to choose from. We offer to you the best Marble glue in the whole UAE. Our marble glue makes sure that your marble or other stone work is perfectly glued together and hence is resistant to any external force.

Since marble is a stone that is not very easy to handle, it has its own different little and big accessories (you can say). An example is the marble glue that is specially made to ensure that marble is bonded in a way that it cannot break apart no matter what kind of external force is enforced on it.


How to bond marble back together!

Marble glue in DubaiSince it is established that marble is hard to handle, it is important to know that broken marble can be fixed, but not with regular glue that we use to fix paper or mugs. If you are willing to do it at home, go ahead, but make sure to consider us for the special glue to bond marble together. Our marble glue is resistant to many things like water and will give you long lasting results. Follow the following steps to bond marble.

  • First, all of all make sure that your marble is completely clean. Don't use water or any other harsh substance, ask your local hardware store for professional marble cleaning sprays and solutions and use that and the provided instructions for cleaning your marble top thoroughly. You can also use acetone for cleaning away oil or so.
  • Epoxy glue or also called resin is a quick drying solution for repairing and gluing marble. This glue comes in two parts and you can easily get the instruction on the package and see how to mix it and use it. You can get all sorts of special marble glue from sands gulf building materials!
  • You can also use epoxy grout. It dries faster and you can select to match the color of your marble.

Tips on using marble glue!

Turns out that Sands Gulf building material not only provides you with the marble glue. We also give you tips and tricks on how to use it. Take help from the following.

  • Make sure to work fast since marble glue dries quickly
  • Make sure that you are sure of what you are doing because once you glue it, it’s almost impossible to unglue
  • Keep a heavy object once you’re done applying the glue!