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Our serviceSands gulf building materials Dubai has been there for the assistance of its clients for 17 long years and is there to stay, thanks to the response of the clients on our services. Our clients are always fully satisfied with our services and we make sure to never let them down in return. Working with all our enthusiasm, zeal and everything we have. We guarantee a smile on your face once you are done dealing with us. Our main is and has always been customer satisfaction and nothing more or less. This is why we offer you the best services at competitive prices. We understand that services like marble polishing requires professionalism and counseling. We give you both the things so that you know what needs to be done and what is done.

Marble polishing is necessary because marble needs maintenance every few years. To keep the reflective shine there, marble needs to be called in for professional maintenance and not just at home. We provide you marble polishing services for your home and office. Our workers are qualified in the matter and not only will they polish your marble and make it shine again, they will guide you on what they are doing so that you can keep a tab on what is going around on your floor!

Our Process of Marble Polishing

Marble is a natural stone that is one of the most common stone for flooring in offices and homes. It really brings a beautiful shine that can make the whole room look amazing and elegant. Here is, in brief, the process of marble polishing.

  • Now you may think that marble polishing is done by applying a chemical, where the truth of the matter is that the shine of the marble is part of the marble. It is done through friction and heavy machinery.
  • Etching is a type of marble polishing that may use sand paper and other physical processes to make sure that the shine is back. This process is used to remove stains of food and liquids and other small stains.
  • A chemical can be used, however, for temporary adjustment and shine; however, it is done by professionals.

Why Choose Us

Building serviceMarble is very sensitive and needs regular professional maintenance. Our experienced professionals

  • Determine whether the marble you have is natural or cultured.
  • Wipe up common stains immediately
  • Use professional advice chemicals and not every other that you find
  • Use a clean dry cloth and soft one
  • Do not use acidic chemicals ever!