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Marble Angles in Dubai

Angles marble DubaiSands Gulf building material has been serving its customers for 17 years and made itself the leading brand among building materials in UAE. We supply you almost everything and every service that has to do is assisting you in building construction and even renovation. We provide you every single thing from marble angles to marble glue and much more for your convenience. Our competitive prices and high quality make us one of the strongest and leading brands in building material all over UAE.

Marble angles are offered to you because unlike many others, we understand that marble is treated with very sensitivity. Marble has its own way of installing, cleaning, maintaining and even its own hinges so that the look of it cannot be ruined. The hinges that we offer are made of the finest material and they are perfect for marble and even for generic uses. Marble hinges also hold heavy weight and are suitable for marbles’ weight.

The types of Marble Angles:

Marble angles are of many types. They fit into every single different type of marble along with holding their weight and preventing the texture to fade away. We also provide angles that do not rust and make sure that the look of your marbles stays beautiful without being affected by hinges.  The few common type of marble angles that we offer are:

  • Bi-fold hinges:

    These are two angles of different lengths that are multi leaf and allow a panel or door to open easily.
  • Butt angles:

    Marble angleThese are only of 6 inches or shorter and are used on doors and fabricated panels usually.
  • Case angles:

    These are like butt angles however they are more decorative and are commonly used accordingly.
  • Concealed angles:

    These are exactly as the name suggests. These are hidden and don’t show to keep the look intact
  • Custom angles:

    These are custom designed according to the needs and are used accordingly
  • Flag Angle:

    These are used to be installed in one area and move the panel all 360 degrees.
  • Heavy Duty angles:

    These are also as the name suggests. They are regular shape used for extreme heavy purposes.

How to choose the right angles for you!

Angles are more than mentioned above, which means that you will need to be careful of choosing them. Each one holds different purposes and you need to make sure that the purpose is fulfilled with the angle. The following is a short guide on how to select angles.

  • Determine the type
  • Determine the overlay
  • Decide if you want to see the angle/ you want what type of angle all together!
  • Decide if you want any special features!