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Hardware Tools Supplies in Dubai

Hardware toolLet's take a moment to relax and think about how important tools are in our lives. Every household should have tools in case they need to use them. Not every time should you have to call in a professional? Remember how our elders used to say ‘Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey?' yes, this clearly shows how important tools are. Believe it or not, but hand tools are an essential part of a household and for a construction company too. Yes, some are a little more advanced than others; however, tools are equally important in both aspects. If you are looking to buy hardware tools in Dubai, for your home or for a huge construction company that you own, Sand Gulf building material is just the place for you. We give you a guarantee on how amazing you will find our tools along with a kit to go with it. Our high quality and extremely strong hardware tools make it perfect for you to own a few for your company or your home.

We all know that calling someone for help can be expensive and rather a hassle, so whether you are at home or work, make sure there is a toolkit there somewhere to ensure that you have emergency supplies ready! It’s just like for emergency fixture of a human being, we use first aid kits, the same way emergency fixture or maintenance of big stuff requires hardware tools!

Must have Hardware tools for home!

We provide you hardware tools for home and your office. Since it is important for you to have tools in your house, contact us for making a kit as soon as possible. Make sure you include the following tools in your toolbox for your home! The tools are all (and more) that we offer to you at competitive prices all over the country!

  • An X shape screwdriver
  • A flathead screwdriver
  • A tape measure for measuring spaces and all
  • A level to avoid parallax error
  • A utility knife
  • Hardware tool for homeOf course, a hammer
  • A putty knife for scraping
  • A set of jaws or pliers
  • An adjustable crescent wrench
  • A wire stripper
  • A power drill
  • An extra of electrical cord
  • A C- Clamp
  • A very important and bright flashlight
  • A ladder!

Stay Safe

Tools are not all that easy to handle so always make sure that you handle it with proper apparel that you can buy from us! Dangers of hardware tools may be so subtle that you won't be able to notice what you are doing.  Take note of the following

  • Never use a chisel for a screwdriver. It can break and hit you
  • Never use a loose hammer or any other tool
  • Tools may slip and hurt you so be careful!