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Safety Equipment in Dubai for Construction

Protective equipmentsTo ensure that the building you are constructing or maintaining is of high quality and everlasting, it is important to make sure that the building material and the servicing provided is of high quality and remarkable. Sands gulf building material ensures of exactly this. We make sure that the building material that is provided to you by us is at competitive prices without compromising on the quality at all. However, there is one major thing that we stress of offering you because we understand the importance of it though most people probably don't. That is the Safety equipment. Safety is always first in every aspect of life and it is especially to be looked upon thoroughly at dangerous places like construction sites.

We provide safety equipment that is specially designed to ensure maximum safety through it for your employees. We always promote these products so that we ensure that all of the workers working in this field are provided with the highest form of safety as their right!

Our Products

We offer and try to offer as many kinds of construction safety equipment as possible. To ensure maximum safety we offer the following products so that you can buy them and provide them to your workers.

  • Eye and face protection:

    These include safety glasses and face shields that are used so that foreign objects are not to get in the face or eye. For example during welding, cutting or when working with concrete, etc!
  • Foot protection:

    Safety equipmentfoot protection includes safety boots that are puncture and slip resistant. These also have heavy toe protection to protect from crushing toes
  • Hand protection:

    these should include gloves that fit comfortably. Heavy duty and different types of gloves are available for different works.
  • Head protection:

    hard hats are usually used to prevent anything from causing a break when it falls, or to prevent any contact with electric hazards and other mishaps! It is important to inspect routinely to make sure they do not defect in any way possible.
  • Hearing protection:

    We offer especial ear plugs to that omit heavy sounds and prevent the ear drum from being damaged. It is important to make sure that these plugs are regularly cleaned!

Revise the Importance of safety equipment!

Even though everybody knows the importance of safety equipment, we are here to remind you of the importance so that as a boss, you make sure that your employees are safe

  • Well, the first reason is that being unsafe can cause your life or a lifelong injury
  • If that isn’t enough then make sure to know that you can be sued
  • Your company can be shut down
  • And you will (possibly) have murder on your hands!