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Importance of surface preparation

Surface preparation DubaiSands gulf building material has been providing quality material and services to its clients for 17 years and is there to stay because of its remarkable and dependable services to its clients. We ensure that your relation with us is as smooth as our marble polishing services and as beautiful as our decorative flowing services. Our number one aim is and has always been the satisfaction of our clients. This makes our counseling service the most important. We make sure to inform you about every single thing. Our employees are extremely friendly which you can witness by working with us. Our services include the service of surface preparation of any surface for flooring and other important tasks.

Surface preparation is an extremely important thing to do since whatever flooring you will decide for your building, will need surface preparation before the flooring can be done. Surface preparation is important because it influences the coating performance and the quality of it. It eventually influences the whole of the flooring system which is why we have hired the best to work on surface preparations for your floor!

Why is correct surface preparation so important!

Surface preparation is considered to be the most important part of any kind of flooring. Improper acts of surface preparation can lead to incurable damage hence a loss. The reason why surface preparation is very important is because concrete can create many problems. The following are a few.

  • Concrete is extremely alkaline destroys the interface of sensitive materials
  • Powdery surface layer is weak which must be removed
  • Cracks are bound to form after some time
  • Presence of moisture becomes the main difficulty in bonding the concrete

Influencing factors of surface preparation in UAE!

Correction surface preparation

Since we have established surface preparation to be one of the most important factors in any kind of flooring, it is important for us to understand what kinds of factors surface preparation in UAE is used influence the method. It is important to note that our professionals will counsel you at every step in the process. The following are the influencing factors:

  • Surface type: You need to check the surface type to see what kind of method is to be used.
  • Environment: Environment plays a major role in the process. We need to the temperature, moisture, traffic (of foot and otherwise) and cleaning schedule (yes that matters)
  • Flooring system: We need to check what kind of flooring system will be used.
  • We need to see the state of dirt or contamination to figure out the level of the process prior to the whole process!