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Convenient silicone foam spray

Insulating plasticSands gulf building material is widespread all over the UAE and is known for its high quality and remarkable services. We have been operating since 17 long years now and have been recognized as one of the most dependable services in all of UAE. Our products are very widely sold because our clients trust that our products are at competitive prices no doubt, yet they never are compromised on quality. We ensure that you get the best for your building needs and no part of your ever regrets dealing with us. Out of our many products we offer to your silicone foam spray that works wonders if your company used it.

Silicone foam spray is an insulating plastic that works like magic. You spray it as a liquid and it grows several times its original size and created an insulator for your house. Usually, used for preventing heat on rooftops, it helps save over 30% of heating and cooling money! It offers exceptional resistance to the wind and even water!

How to use silicone foam spray:

It is very easy and convenient to use silicone foam spray. The following is the procedure used.

  • This magical spray works almost on any roof. Usually, the preparation method includes cleaning the roof and securing it only. Nothing very big.
  • Now the spray is foamed all over the roof. There are usually two components that are sprayed together to create the thick solid material that is several times bigger than the original spray form. This foam is prepared within minutes and after a very short time, it can walk upon. In just four hours, it shows most of its strength.
  • Once it is done, another layer of silicone base coat is applied to ensure complete protection against the sun and other ultraviolet rays.

Importance of silicone foam spray

Silicone sprayThe following are a few reasons why you would want to consider silicon foam spray for your use.

  • If you want a leak free roof
  • If you want a perfect roof with no cracks, joints or other things.
  • If you want a roof that offers high insulation value to provide energy savings
  • If you want a roof with strong wind resistance
  • If you want a roof system with lightweight and high strength
  • If you want a roofing system that is green. That ensures that the environment is not hurt at all.
  • If you want low maintenance costs on roofs every few years.