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The Wondrous World of Nuts And Bolts!

Working since 17 years now, Sands Gulf Building material has made its name as one of the leading and most dependable products and service providers for building all over the country. We offer to you help and assistance through our products in building and maintaining buildings. From Nuts and Bolts in Dubai to big power tools, we make sure to offer you every product and service that will make your building shine further and assist you in making it shine.

Saying that a building can go without nuts and bolts are almost as if humans can go without a brain. Not the best metaphor, however, we still understand the importance of nuts and bolts. They simply hold everything important. You need to have strong and high-quality nuts and bolts to ensure that everything involved is smooth and perfect.

Since nuts and bolts are for many different purposes, each holds many different types! These types are defined to perfection by sands gulf building materials! Nuts and bolts are usually paired together but they may be different.

Types of nuts:

Nuts boltsA nut is a fastener with a hold for threading. Nuts are always used in opposite and paired with bolts. Their thread friction allows them to stay together and compress parts into staying together. Vibrations and rotations sadly cause loose nuts but to fix them, adhesives, pins, lock wire or other methods are used.

Now that we are clear of the understanding of nuts, here are a few types that we offer:

  • Castle nuts
  • Acorn Nuts
  • Hex jam nuts
  • Hex jam lock nuts
  • Hex nut
  • K-nut
  • Hex lock nut
  • Square nut
  • Wingnut
  • Flange nut

Types of bolts:

Fasteners in DubaiA bolt is an exact replica of a screw. In fact, it is a screw. Bolts are usually paired with nuts and are fit into the whole the nuts offer. The job of the bolts is to hold components together; however, they can do the best with the nuts as they act like a stopper of the system.

There are many kinds of bolts that are used for building and construction all around. Sands gulf offers the best and highest quality bolts. Paired together with nuts, these create the perfect and the strongest pair. A few kind of bolts that we offer are as follows:

  • Carriage bolt
  • Eye bolt
  • Hex bolt
  • Lag bolt
  • Machine bolt
  • Flat-topped machine bolt
  • Oval sheet metal bolt
  • Self-drilling sheet metal bolt
  • Flat top socket bolt
  • Round slotted wood bolt